We're two BFFs (not sisters, but close) Living over 1,000 miles apart


It all started With a Facebook message...


Little did we know, we'd not only become college roommates, but also best friends. We took all the same classes in college, graduated with the same major, continued living together after graduation, were eventually in each others' weddings and have remained best friends to this very day. We're now separated by about 1,000 miles but not even that can keep us apart. We started this podcast as a fun way to stay connected with each other and hopefully have something to share with our grandkids one day so they can see how hip and vibrant we once were. This is Tillie and Ella coming to you live from our youth!

The names Tillie and Ella were not made up by us, they were given to us.

One of our dear college professors (not that we had favorites, but he was our favorite) caught on that we were an inseparable pair. He started calling us Tillie and Ella and it stuck ever since. There's definitely an old lady vibe to those names so it fit well as the title of this podcast. So think of Tillie and Ella as the older, yet still vibrant, grandmother versions of ourselves.